Could Harry Potter be a Horcrux of Dumbledore too? (My Harry Potter's Conspiracy Theory)

One of Dumbledore's philosophy in life he regarded importantly is to always keep a backup. So if he failed to live to complete any of his task, others can carry on. For example, Dumbledore had died only after he made sure that Harry, Hermione and Ron still knew about the Horcruxes.

So is it possible that Dumbledore has a backup for his soul as well? A backup aka a Horcrux on the form of Harry Potter? Yes, we knew you have to kill before you can put part of your soul into somebody, but what if Dumbledore, one of the greatest wizard in all time, discovered a less harmful way of creating a Horcrux?

1. Voldemort obsession in killing Harry Potter.

We knew that Voldemort was desperate to kill Harry Potter because of a prophecy. A prophecy Voldemort didn't heard himself, a prophecy told to him by Snape who overheard it from a mad, loony witch in Sybill Trelawney. So how will a mistrustful Voldemort believed in such an uncertain prophecy? Or is there another reason why Voldemort is obsessed in killing Harry Potter?

The only wizard (pre-Harry Potter) Voldemort feared the most is Dumbledore. When he fears something, he will kill it. As the same reason why Harry Potter has to destroy all Voldemort's Horcruxes before he can kill Voldemort. Assuming Dumbledore made a Horcrux out of Harry Potter, of course Voldemort will be desperate to kill off Harry Potter in his quest in defeating Dumbledore to become the greatest wizard of all.

2. How did Harry Potter survived Voldemort's killing curse?

Is Love really the answer? Is Love really powerful enough to reflect the full blast of The Dark Lord's killing curse at close proximity? Or could Harry Potter possessed in him a more powerful magical attribute that could even rebound Voldemort's deadly curse, hmm I don't know, maybe a part of The Great Wizard's Dumbledore's power?

3. Harry's brotherly love for Hermione & Ron.

If Harry Potter has part of Dumbledore's soul in him, beside power, Harry will also possess part of Dumbledore's desire. As we knew, Dumbledore biggest regret in life is that he didn't cared more than he should for his brother & sister, Aberforth & Ariana. Hence, Harry Potter has a great desire in him to protect his "brother & sister", Ron & Hermione.

4. Why Harry Potter?

Dumbledore is obsessed with finding the deathly hallows. And he never stopped trying. He even try to put on the deathly stone which inevitable costed him his life. One of his many secrets will probably to continue finding the deathly hallows. Who's better to continue his quest, if Dumbledore failed to do so, than Harry Potter. Harry Potter, who has already possessed one of the deathly hallows, the invincible cloak and the only descendant of the Peverell's brothers.

5. When Harry Potter is in limbo.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter volunteered himself to be killed off by Voldemort and after receiving a blow from Voldemort, found himself in limbo. In his limbo, in his inner soul, there's an ugly creature under a chair, probably the part of Voldemort's soul. And guess who he saw too, Dumbledore...

Conclusion, if Harry Potter is really a Horcrux of Dumbledore. That will explain why Harry Potter & Dumbledore felt such a firm affinity at first sight. Why Dumbledore always seek to protect Harry from baby to teen. Why Dumbledore always believed in Harry Potter that he's the only one who can defeat Voldemort.

I am probably wrong. But who knows, this could be also one of Dumbledore's most controversial kept secret of all time!
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